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  • Elephant gatecrashes dinner on Zambezi riverbank

    Elephant gatecrashes dinner on Zambezi riverbank

    Who is Invited for dinner? Elephants get used to water sources, and usually they don’t take much notice of things that they don’t perceive as a threat. so if you happen to be taking a swim while a big bull wants to have a drink – of course, you let him have a drink! Thanks…

  • Elephant attack in Hwange

    Elephant attack in Hwange

    Tweet A recent video showing a young bull elephant attack in Hwange National Park on a safari vehicle is making the news.   Elephant Attack captured on GoPro from Kid_GoPro on Vimeo. This is not a very common occurrence! Thankfully it appears that no one was hurt, and the elephant seems to be fine too!…

  • Lion Attack in Africa

    Lion Attack in Africa

    LION ATTACK IN AFRICA QUINN SWALES  – RIP It was reported that Quinn Swales, a Professional Guide from Camp Hwange was in a lion attack in Africa. He was mauled and killed on Monday, by a lion while guiding clients on a photographic safari. This tragic event was clearly shocking to the clients that he…

  • 25 Hyenas killed in Zimbabwe

    25 Hyenas killed in Zimbabwe

    25 Hyenas killed in Zimbabwe EXTRACT FROM A THIRD PARTY SOURCE: Original posted in  THE MANICA POST – Written by: Blessing Rwizi A team from the Zimbabwean Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Masvingo have teamed up with Buhera Rural District Council and villagers to kill at least 25 hyenas that had apparently been…

  • Cecil the Lion causes an uproar

    Cecil the Lion causes an uproar

    Tweet Follow @SafariFAQS Well, if only Cecil the lion knew what an “uproar” he has caused! It seems that Walter Palmer has also disappeared while this public outcry passes. However, the world might have woken up to the fact that our interconnected and alert social media devotees now carry far more punch than they have…

  • Cecil the Lion

    Cecil the Lion

    CECIL the LION   Pamela Robinson’s video of Cecil the Lion shows off just how majestic this animal was. By now most people would have learned of the news that Cecil the Lion has been killed on a professional hunt, by an American dentist from Minnesota. This hunter seems to have a reputation for controversy,…



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  • Welcome to your Safari info hub!

    Welcome to Safari   We are first and foremost, supporters of sustainable, responsible tourism and conservation of African wildlife. An army of Safari Scouts “on the ground” will also provide up to date posts with comments and advice on the questions being asked. There will also be facility for you, the traveling tourist, to…