Elephant attack in Hwange

A recent video showing a young bull elephant attack in Hwange National Park on a safari vehicle is making the news.


Elephant Attack captured on GoPro from Kid_GoPro on Vimeo.

This is not a very common occurrence!

Thankfully it appears that no one was hurt, and the elephant seems to be fine too!

It is also worth noting that this is probably a “teenager” showing off his prowess, and being brave for the rest of the herd. Fully-grown bull elephants are considerably larger and if they follow though with an attack, are more likely to have rather more devastating results.

It is a little weird (sort of!) that this is taking place in the Hwange National Park, where we recently have had all the uproar about Cecil the Lion and the unfortunate fatal lion attack on professional safari guide Quinn Swales.

It rather makes us think that we ought to revise some of the notes we made about safety on safari! In all seriousness, we are still of the opinion that safaris are safe. It just makes it all the more exciting that there is a chance we will experience some unusual, unforgettable and quite unique moments – to share and embed in our memories forever on this amazing continent!

Come on folks – share, experience and enjoy Safaris in Africa!



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