When is the Wet Season on African Safari?

  • So, when is the wet season?
  • Which Game Parks are going to suit me better for the period I can take my vacation?
  • Will I be able to visit different Game Reserves during my vacation period and still experience the best they have to offer?
The Rainy Season in Africa

The Rainy Season in Africa

All GREAT QUESTIONS! Here are our thoughts…

Uganda and East Africa, for Kenya and Northern Tanzania and Zanzibar, typically has two wet seasons, broadly a “long” rains from late March though to end of May, and a “short” rains in November.

Southern Tanzania has a drier climate and rains more aligned with Southern Africa. The rains in the southern parks of Ruaha and Selous are usually November to May with a possible dry period in January and February.

The Southern African countries Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa generally are wet in the months from November to March. The low lying valley areas where many game parks are located can be extremely hot in October, with temperatures well over 30 Degree C and have high humidity.

Luckily it is the hottest part of the day when you want to be resting in the shade that is also the time when most animals are resting-up and out of sight. This means you will generally see more in the early morning and late afternoon game drives – when it is more comfortable for you to be in a dusty safari vehicle!