When is the best time to visit Africa for a Safari?

Much has been written about the best time to go on Safari in Africa.

Generally, we believe that there will always be a good destination to visit, no matter what time of year you choose to travel. The dry seasons can be rewarding as concentrations of game animals will tend to be nearer the watering points being rivers, lakes and water pans. However, the rainy seasons tend to be periods when animals are giving birth and it is these seasonal cycles that drive some of the most spectacular safari experiences on the planet.

Africa is an enormous continent! The equator goes through the middle and separates some of the best game parks according to seasons. The Southern countries of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa have seasons that are fairly similar, while the central East Africa destinations of Tanzania and Kenya are more similar to each other.

Waterholes can get crowded! These are Hippos...

Waterholes can get crowded! These are Hippos…

You would prefer these great, wild, open spaces to be crowded with animals rather than tourists!

Water is the key. Waterholes can get crowded, but without water the game animals simply cannot survive through the driest months and will probably move away and be extremely hard to spot. National Parks with reliable water sources will tend to have more permanent and resident animal species, and therefore more consistent game viewing.

The dry months are usually best for game viewing so that is June to October in almost all of the main destinations through East Africa down to Southern Africa. While Safaris in East Africa have a second season in the period between mid-December through early March.