Is there an Off-Season for African Safaris?

Yes, there is an Off-Season in some African Safari destinations. Some National Parks and Game Reserves are closed at certain times of year.

You will only be able to book accommodation at camps and lodges in parks that are open. The main reason camps close is more likely the state of the dirt roads in the wet season. But, unless you are self-driving you should not need to worry about the condition of the roads, as game drives that the camp and lodge operators provide are well planned.

If you are self-driving, you will need to do some more research… As we discussed above, the ‘wet’ season in many game parks makes the smaller and ‘less commercial’ parks extremely difficult to drive in. So parks do close their roads. Most roads to most parks are remote and therefore not always in good condition. Generally they are gravel and not paved, and the roads in some of the parks themselves can get impassable in the wet season. You certainly don’t want to be getting stuck, and getting out of your car to push – or worse, trying to walk back to camp!

For that reason, self-drive safaris are not common, and usually only recommended for residents who live near to, and understand, the local conditions of the parks they wish to visit.