Which is the Best Country for an African Safari?

  • What a question!
  • What are you after?
  • What do you really want to see?

There can be no definite answer – as it depends what you are looking for.

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In our experience this is the broad outline of highlights each country, but each operator and each park has its own character and attraction! We don’t want to get into trouble for “overgeneralizing”, but here goes…!


Known Safari capital. Get to the Masai Mara on the fringe of the migration. Mostly well organised and offering insight to the African culture and a feel of traditional and colonial history.


Famous for Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater, and teeming game in the Serengeti. Other parks are wild, remote and under pressure but worth a visit.


Undersold, but authentic African safari experience with plenty of really wild places left, and an improving lodge and camp experience.


Still economically challenged, but beautiful parks which are now under pressure, Lake Kariba houseboat and Seventh Wonder of the World – Victoria Falls worth doing.


Provides probably the most personal and intimate safari experience with great game viewing, but try to include variety, say Okavango or Chobe with Victoria Falls.

South Africa

The most slick and luxurious lodges and camps, with great service and infrastructure but can feel too commercial at times. A country with much to offer and certainly worth considering other non-safari sights and stopovers.